AKA 02 | [Sold Out] Trios

Tristram Cary, Interpreted by Samon Takahashi & Vincent Epplay - 2007

White Vinyl 12″, Insert – Ltd. Ed. 500 ex.

For Synthi VCS3 Synthesizer And Turntables (1971)
Live Performance Electronic

Includes a notebook of 4 b/w pages with original score notes, instructions for playing, 16 VCS3 patches, and two 33RPM records on which 2×16 sound events are recorded.

Extract from notebook:
Composed 1971. First performed at the Cheltenham festival, 1971, the composer taking the VCS3 part and Messrs John and Robert Cary (the composer’s sons) the turntables parts.

Extracts from back sleeve notes:
Trios associates improvisation within a set of defined paramaters. […]
Trios was played for the first time in France since its creation, at the occasion of the Sonorité festival in Montpellier, September 2006.
Note: The present record may be used to re-enact the piece in addition with a VCS3 synthesizer according to the solo version instructions.

Original score published by Electronic Music Studios (London) Ltd.
Mastered at DK Mastering, Paris.




AKA 02 | Trios
Tristram Cary performed by Vincent Epplay & Samon Takahashi – 2008
12″ LP + Insert with VCS3 patchs – limited 500ex.