Indonesia Space Science Society - 2018

Vinyl 12″ – Ltd. Ed. 300 ex.
poster, inlet
Incmludes a text from Ewen Chardronnet (Association of Autonomous Astronauts)

Concept : Venzha Christ (2014)
Prototyping : Venzha Christ, Bayu Bawono, Stephanus Yudi (2015)
Construction : Haryono Company
Videoworks : Dwi Agus P

Machine number #06 was part of launching event of the ISSS / Indonesia Space Science Society (2016). Launching place (open to public) : Yogyakarta, Indonesia

All track recorded in Yogyakarta, Indonesia by g.b.z (May – June 2016)

Based on a research program conducted by v.u.f.o.c lab

Research locations (2013 – 2016) :
. Area51, Nevada, USA
. Diamagneti(C/SM)Species project, Istanbul, Turkey
. JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan
. CEOU – Center for Exploration of the Origin of the Universe, Korea
. Lu-Lin Observatory + Institute Of Astronomy, Taiwan
. LAM – Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille, France
. SCASS – Sharjah Center for Astronomy and Space Sciences, Uni Arab Emirate (UAE)
. VIRAC – Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre, Latvia

Collaborators : ArtJog|9, STP company, CEOU – Center for Exploration of the Origin of the Universe

Supports : HONF Foundation, HONfablab, HONFactory, RYBN.ORG

This project was part of the International 2016 S.E.T.I conference, Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence : Evolution of The Unknown #01, organized by ISSS – Indonesia Space Science Society

Text : Ewen Chardronnet (AAA – Association of Autonomous Astronauts)
Design : Jean-Baptiste Parré
Vinyl mastering : Hervé de Kéroullas, dK-Mastering, Paris