AKA X : In 2017, ARTKILLART had celebrated its 10th birthday, and had organized all along the year, a series of 10 concerts in partnership with all its historical partners. Events were held in Paris with Nuit Noire (January 2017) & Sonic Protest (March 2017) ; in Rotterdam and Brussels, with De Player and Rue de Senne (April 2017) ; Bordeaux, with Monoquini (May 2017) ; Marseille with iMéRA, Daath and ISSS (July 2017) ; Basel with Plattfon/Klapfon/Gantner (November 2017) ; Pau, with Acces)s( Festival (December 2017) ; Paris, with La Générale and P-Node (December 2017).

All archives will be shortly available ! all lineups and programs below !